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ABOUT ONE FACE - The Inspiration

one face photography is about a love affair with light - both literal and figurative. My fascination with exploring photography is dependant upon using light to create stunning images. As well, my artistic interest is in portrait and physique photography that captures the beauty that is the inner light of my models.


I am inspired by creativity of others and feed off the energy of performers, artists, and cool people of all stripes.


Why "one face"?

A very special person in my life opened my eyes to the celebration of life and finding the joy in the simplest of things. This special person's name (Il Yong) roughly translates from Korean to "one face".

Sadly, Il Yong was taken far too early from this earthly world, but it is his spirit that is the inspiration of this site.


Bogoshipoyo (보고싶어요)


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